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SpinnerChief API
This site is for developers who want to integrate the SpinnerChief API into their own program.

Firstly, you need to register an account here and activate your account by clicking the activation link in the registration email. Then login to the account, you will see your apikey, you need to use your apikey in your program to access the SpinnerChief API. The SpinnerChief API has following great features:

Huge Thesaurus Database
Supports 27 different language and user custom thesaurus.
Artificial intelligence
The new SpinnerChief API can analyse and understand the article to generate readable and unqiue articles automatically.
Grammar correction
The new SpinnerChief API also contains a Grammar AI program that can correct grammar errors in your article or in the spun article.
Please check http://developer.spinnerchief.com/API_Document.aspx for more detail.
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